So what the heck is a Mortgage Marketing Hack? A "Hack" is a short-cut. A quicker way to reach a desired result. In this case, more effective marketing that helps you to close more loans. 

I created Mortgage Marketing Hacks in 2013 when I noticed that most loan officers wanted to improve their marketing and lead generation efforts, but finding the time to do so was difficult. That's when Mortgage Marketing Hacks was born! Each week a new Marketing Hack is released, (In video form)  and takes just 10 - 14 minutes to complete.

You can now make tweaks to your marketing efforts, and productivity in minutes, rather than hours. No fluff, just hard hitting "Hacks" to make you a more effective loan officer. So what topics are covered? Let's have peek at what's waiting for you shall we? 

Examples Of Upcoming Hacks: 

You get to access one of the above (And a whole lot more) every week - This way you're not just standing still - But making improvements every week, even when you're busy. A common mistake for loan officers is to put the critical task of "working on their business instead of in it" on hold when things get busy.

This kills momentum and results in"peaky" income that goes up and down - Good months followed by bad. Want to put an end to that ruthless cycle? That's what Marketing Hacks is designed to help you do... Here are some more samples to have a peek at: (Don't forget to you can start a trial for just $2